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T4-Theory Methodologies Preservation and Standards [clear filter]
Tuesday, September 29

11:30 CEST

T4 FP2 - Reconstruction and Presentation of Lost Architectures
6 - Selma Rizvic and Izabela Skalonjic
Reconstructing Cultural Heritage Objects from Storytelling

21 - Andrea Gaucci, Simone Garagnani and Anna Maria Manferdini
Reconstructing the Lost Reality. Archaeological Analysis and Transmedial Technologies for the Fruition of the Etruscan Town of Kainua Through an Augmented Reality Approach

52 - Rosa Tamborrino and Fulvio Rinaudo
Digital Urban History as an Interpretation Key of Cities’ Cultural Heritage

23 - Hoang Nu Kieu Giang, Peter Ferschin and Monika Di Angelo
Medieval Craftsmen at Castle Waldenfels - Historical Construction Work as Serious Game

avatar for Alonzo C. Addison

Alonzo C. Addison

Exec Dir, DigitalHeritage
Lon Addison brings over 30 years of leadership in strategic planning and management of digital technology and research in design & engineering, architecture & the arts, heritage & culture, the environment and more. With executive roles spanning the United Nations to Silicon Valley... Read More →

avatar for Peter Ferschin

Peter Ferschin

Ass.Prof., Vienna University of Technology
avatar for Simone Garagnani

Simone Garagnani

University of Bologna
Simone Garagnani graduated in Architectural Engineering at the University of Bologna, where he attended Ph.D. School with fellowship at D.A. (Department of Architecture); he developed a Ph.D. research entitled: "Digital Models and Design Archives - Integrated systems aimed to architectural... Read More →
avatar for Andrea Gaucci

Andrea Gaucci

Research fellow, Bologna University
Andrea Gaucci is Research fellow at the Alma Mater Studiorum - Bologna University. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Archaeological Heritage, a Master degree in Archaeology and Cultures of the Ancient World at the University of Bologna with a thesis in Etruscology and Italic Archaeology... Read More →
avatar for Selma Rizvic

Selma Rizvic

Associate Professor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering Sarajevo

Tuesday September 29, 2015 11:30 - 13:30 CEST
Parque de las Ciencias - Auditorio Avenida de la Ciencia, s/n, 18006 Granada

17:00 CEST

T4 SP4 - Assessment of Methodologies and Tools in DH
194 - Gabriele Guidi, Laura Micoli, Sara Gonizzi, Matthew Brennan and Bernard Frischer
Image-based 3D Capture of Cultural Heritage Artifacts - An Experimental Study about 3D Data Quality

17 - Dimitris Tsipotas and Vassiliki Spathopoulou
An Assesment of Research on 3D Digital Representation of Ancient Greek Furniture, Using Surviving Archaelological Artefacts

274 - Alfonsina Pagano and Ivana Cerato
Evaluation of the Educational Potentials of Interactive Technologies Applied to Cultural Heritage. The “Keys To Rome” Exhibition Case Study

237 - Mona Hess
Online Survey about Current Use of 3D Imaging and its User Requirements in Cultural Heritage Institutions

403 - Mariusz Dzieglewski
The Policies on Digitalization of Cultural Heritage versus On-Line Strategies and Practices The Case Study on Poland

206 - Iwona Dudek, Jean-Yves Blaise, Livio De Luca, Laurent Bergerot and Noémie Renaudin
How Was This Done? An Attempt at Formalising and Memorising a Digital Asset’s Making-of

353 - Raef Mousheimish, Yehia Taher, Karine Zeitouni and Michel Dubus
From Passive Monitoring to Proactive Management of Artworks Transportation Processes

386 - Nikolaos Myridis
Culture’s Definition

avatar for Andreas Georgopoulos

Andreas Georgopoulos

Prof. of Photogrammetry, National Technical Univ. of Athens
Geometric documentation of Monuments, movable or not and also Intangible Cultural Heritage.

avatar for Ivana Cerato

Ivana Cerato

fellow researcher, CNR-ITABC
avatar for Gabriele Guidi

Gabriele Guidi

VSMM Vice President, Politecnico di Milano
Gabriele Guidi is Associate Professor of Computer Vision and Reverse Engineering at Politecnico di Milano (Italy). He received his M.S. degree in Electronic Engineering in 1988 and Ph.D. in 1992 from the Universities of Florence and Bologna respectively. He started his researches... Read More →
avatar for Mona Hess

Mona Hess

Research Manager & Research Associate, UCL Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering
Mona Hess offers a cross-disciplinary approach for 3D imaging metrology and 3D printing in cultural heritage, arts&humanities and for creative industries. She also holds a PhD in same subject area. Specialized in 3D colour imaging and replica for museum objects she has taken on... Read More →
avatar for Raef Mousheimish

Raef Mousheimish

PhD. Student, University of Versailles
Very interested in new sciences and applicable theories, and really like to be involved in discussions regarding these matters. Currently, I am a new PhD. student, that is with logistics and transportation processes. Among the topics that I am researching are business process management... Read More →
avatar for Alfonsina Pagano

Alfonsina Pagano

CNR - Grant Holder, CNR-ITABC

Tuesday September 29, 2015 17:00 - 19:00 CEST
Parque de las Ciencias - Auditorio Faraday Avenida de la Ciencia, s/n, 18006 Granada
Thursday, October 1

11:30 CEST

T4 WP2 - Archival, Metadata, Preservation, and Architectures
255 - Edeltraud Aspöck and Anja Masur
Digitizing Early Farming Cultures: Customizing the Arches Heritage Inventory & Management System

302 - Giovanni Michetti
Preservation as a Service for Trust (PaaST)

349 - Mehdi Belarbi, Aurelia Lureau and Pascal Raymond
Creating an Online Interactive Database for Tridimensional Models in Preventive Archaeology at the La Courneuve Base of the INRAP ( French National Institute of Research in Preventive Archaeology)

413 - Michael Page, Jeffrey Glover, Joe Hurley and Brennan Collins
Digital Atlanta: A Collaborative Approach to Remapping Atlanta’s Past

412 - Serdar Aydin and Marc Aurel Schnabel
Decoding Kashgar

277 - Bogdan Stojanovic
Social Media Mapping, as a Catalyst for Social Realm Actions

avatar for Luciana Duranti

Luciana Duranti

President, Assoc. of Canadian Archivists & Prof. Archival Studies, University of British Columbia
Digital records authenticity and long term preservation


Edeltraud Aspöck

Post-doc researcher, ÖAW OREA
avatar for Serdar Aydin

Serdar Aydin

PhD Candidate, Victoria University of Wellington
Serdar Aydin is a researcher at DARA and a PhD Candidate at the School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington. His research thesis focuses on Kashgar heritage, westernmost city in China. His research is supported by Postgraduate Studentship at the Chinese University of... Read More →
avatar for Brennan Collins

Brennan Collins

Georgia State University
Brennan Collins is the Associate Director of Writing Across the Curriculum and the Center for Instructional Effectiveness at Georgia State University. The interdisciplinary nature and technology focus of these programs allows him to work with a diverse faculty in exploring inventive... Read More →
avatar for Giovanni Michetti

Giovanni Michetti

Assistant Professor, Sapienza University of Rome
Giovanni Michetti is Assistant Professor in Archival Science at Sapienza University of Rome. His research area is focused on contemporary and digital archives. His main research interests are records management, archival description and digital preservation. He has been involved in... Read More →
avatar for Bogdan Stojanovic

Bogdan Stojanovic

Ph.D. Candidate, Politecnico di Milano

Thursday October 1, 2015 11:30 - 13:30 CEST
Parque de las Ciencias - Sala Gutenberg Avenida de la Ciencia, s/n, 18006 Granada

14:30 CEST

T4 SP6 - Ontologies, Metadata and Archival Technologies (I)
121 - Rossana Damiano, Vincenzo Lombardo, Antonio Lieto and Davide Borra
Mind the Red Thread! 3D Metaphors for Cultural Heritage Visualization

344 - Cuixiao Guo, Xianzhao Wang, Qubumo Bamo and Gang Li
Constructing Motif-index of China Mythologies Database: Design, Implementation and Potential Applications

415 - Adam Jansen
Using Archival Diplomatics and Object-Oriented Programming to Build Preservation Objects in the Cloud

185 - Jim Suderman
Contexts for Trust in Cloud-based Services: An Historical Perspective

285 - Patricia Franks
Government Use of Cloud-based Long Term Digital Preservation as a Service: An Exploratory Study

300 - José-Ramón Cruz-Mundet and Carmen Díez-Carrera
And How Much Does This Cost? Some Reflexions on Long Term Preservation from the Costing Models Analysis

182 - Tommy Messaoudi, De Luca Livio and Veron Philippe
Towards an Ontology for Annotating Degradation Phenomena

301 - Anais Guillem, George Bruseker and Roko Zarnic
Building an Argumentation Platform for 3D Reconstruction using CIDOC-CRM and Drupal

avatar for George Bruseker

George Bruseker

Coordinator / Research and Development Engineer, ICS-FORTH
George Bruseker has a PhD in philosophy and over a decade of international experience working in ICT in the CH field. He is presently Coordinator of the Centre for Cultural Informatics at the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH) based in Heraklion, Crete. He works... Read More →
avatar for José-Ramón Cruz-Mundet

José-Ramón Cruz-Mundet

Tenured Professor, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
avatar for Guo Cuixiao

Guo Cuixiao

Assistant Research Fellow, Institute of Ethnic Literature, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
avatar for Patricia C. Franks

Patricia C. Franks

Professor, San Jose State University
Pat Franks, CA, CRM, IGP is author of the book Records and Information Management and co-editor of the Encyclopedia of Archival Science. She has written and presented widely on topics of social media, cloud computing, knowledge management, digital preservation and information gov... Read More →
avatar for Adam Jansen

Adam Jansen

State Archivist, Hawaii State Archives
avatar for Tommy Messaoudi

Tommy Messaoudi

PhD Student, UMR CNRS/MCC 3495 MAP
I'm Phd Student in MAP Laboratory located in Marseille and my thesis is entitled: Proposition of an ontology dedicated to collaborative study for the conservation state of masonry structures.
avatar for Jim Suderman

Jim Suderman

Investigator, InterPARES Trust
I currently work for the City of Toronto, Canada, directing the Archives, Records Services, and Access and Privacy programs. I've worked as an archivist and records manager since 1986, first at the Mennonite Heritage Centre Archives in Winnipeg but mostly in Toronto in the Canadian... Read More →

Thursday October 1, 2015 14:30 - 16:30 CEST
Parque de las Ciencias - Cine3 Avenida de la Ciencia, s/n, 18006 Granada

17:00 CEST

T4 Poster Session
192 - Amos Bishi
Digital Archiving: The Current State at the National Archives of Zimbabwe

223 - Annamaria De Santis, Irene Rossi, Matteo Gallo, Daniele Marotta and Alessandra Avanzini
Computational Lexicography and Digital Epigraphy : Building Digital Lexica of Fragmentary Attested Languages in the Project DASI

229 - Richard Moore and Elizabeth Celi
Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage through Youth Employment and Public/Private Partnerships

233 - Chiara Feriotto, Massimo Marchetto, Roberto Meschini and Matteo Fabbri
Enhancement of Science Fiction collection. Proposal for Standard Cataloguing Datasheet and Engagement Best Practices for the Exhibit

257 - Marco Montanari, Raffaele Trojanis, Silvia Bernardoni and Luca Tepedino
Open History Map - a New Approach to Open Access for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

280 - Patrizia Schettino
Re-defining the Concept of Immersion in Digital Immersive Environments

296 - Paola Castellucci, Sara Mori and Francesca Gallo
Networked Communities/Invisible Cities. Internet Pioneers @ H.C. Andersen Museum

339 - John Mangan, Falko Kuester and Michael Hess
A Role-based Methodology for Data-Driven Workflows, and Nephelai: A Scalable Infrastructure which Enables It

370 - Elettra Barberis, Emilio Marengo and Marcello Manfredi
Quantitative Imaging to Study New Conservation Materials

371 - Stefan Stamenov, Vanya Stamenova and Andrey AladzhovKabiyuk
Project: Exploration and Conservation of Archaeological Site Using Remote Sensing Methods and GIS Technologies

381 - Dominique Meyer, Michael Hess, Eric Kwok Cheung Lo, Christine Wittich, Tara Hutchinson and Falko Kuester
UAV-Based Post Disaster Assessment of Cultural Heritage Sites Following the 2014 South Napa Earthquake

389 - Perla Innocenti
The Pursuit of Authenticity in Preserving Digital Art

398 - Qing Zou and Eun Park
Restructuring Cultural Heritage Collections in the Basic Formal Ontology

405 - Michael Losavio, Corinne Rogers and Adel Elmaghraby
Digital Heritage from the Smart City and the Internet of Things: History or Stasis?

431 - Jun Yi
Acquisition and Digital Representation of Prototype of Changsha Kiln Things

190 - Muqeem Khan
Reformulating the Repository: Digital Intangible Heritage; Empathic Design and Greek/Unani Medicinal Practices

231 - Daniel Wickeroth, Andreas Pastoors, Dominik Laurentius and Ulrich Lang
ArtefactViewer - A 3D Tool for Archeologists

306 - Ismael Abder-Rahman Gil
Enhancement of Arabic Script Documents and Manuscripts in Spanish Libraries and Archives: A Digitization Project

376 - Luigi Calori and Silvano Imboden
Open Source Tools for Collaboration in Cultural Heritage Digital Assets Production Pipeline

145 - Saverio Giulio Malatesta, Francesco Lella, Lucia Marsicano, Francesco Iaia and Eloisa Casadei
Ebla 3D Project - Documenting and 3D Reconstructing a Vanishing Site

273 - Marcello Manfredi, Elettra Barberis, Greg Bearman and Emilio Marengo
Portable Non-invasive Imaging Method for Monitoring the Conservation of Frescoes

327 - Alex Williams, Annapaola Santarsiero, Chiara Meccariello, Gertjan Verhasselt, Hyrum Carroll, John Wallin, Dirk Obbink and James Brusuelas
Proteus: A Platform for Born Digital Critical Editions of Literary and Subliterary Papyri

385 - Colleen Strawhacker, Philip Buckland, Gisli Palsson, Adolf Fridrikkson, Emily Lethbridge, Adam Brin, Thomas McGovern, Rachel Opitz and Thomas Dawson
Building Cyberinfrastructure from the Ground Up for the North Atlantic Biocultural Organization: Introducing the cyberNABO Project

avatar for Holger Graf

Holger Graf

DH2015 Publication Chair, Fraunhofer IGD
Holger Graf received his diploma degree in ‘Technomathematik‘ (Industrial Mathematics) from the University of Karlsruhe in 1997 and graduated in 1998 from the department of computer science at the University of Bristol (England) with a M.Sc. in ‘Global Computing and Multimedia... Read More →

avatar for Chiara Feriotto

Chiara Feriotto

Quantility srl
avatar for Ismael Abder-rahman Gil

Ismael Abder-rahman Gil

Vice-Chair, Al-Yanub Association
Bachelor in Arab and Islamic studies (University of Granada), and Master in Cultural Heritage specialized in Bibliographical and Documental Heritage (University of Valencia) . Vice-chair of Al-Yanub Association, which aims to make known arabic language and culture. I am mainly focused... Read More →
avatar for Michael Hess

Michael Hess

Ph.D. Student, University of California, San Diego
I am a structural engineering Ph.D. student and I am a part of a multidisciplinary team of engineers, scientists, and archaeologists working to document, visualize and analyze pieces of cultural heritage. The goal of my research is to use non-destructive imaging techniques such as... Read More →
avatar for Muqeem Khan

Muqeem Khan

Ph.D Researcher, University of New South Wales
As a visual effect artist, Muqeem Khan’s motion picture credits with Walt Disney and Square USA are Deep Rising, George of the Jungle, Flubber, Armageddon and Final Fantasy. He holds BS in Interior Design and MA in Industrial Design from the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio... Read More →
avatar for Saverio G. Malatesta

Saverio G. Malatesta

AD, Archeo&Arte 3D - DigiLab Sapienza University of Rome
www.saveriog.net http://it.linkedin.com/in/saveriogiuliomalatesta

Daniele Marotta

temporary research, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa
avatar for Marco Montanari

Marco Montanari

Software Architect, AI Expert, Civic Hacker, OpenHistoryMap
Marco Montanari is a developper with a deep interest in AI and strong experience in IA and Semantic web.
avatar for Sara Mori

Sara Mori

Trainee Librarian, European University Institute - Library
I have a PhD in History (2008) - Univeristy of Pisa and a specialization diploma in Documentation (2015) University of Rome "La Sapienza". My field of studies during these years has focused on the Italian history of written culture and social history with a particular attention... Read More →
avatar for Corinne Rogers

Corinne Rogers

Project Coordinator, InterPARES Trust, The University of British Columbia
Corinne Rogers is an adjunct professor (diplomatics, digital records forensics) at the University of British Columbia. She is Project Coordinator of InterPARES Trust – international multidisciplinary research into issues of trust in digital objects in online environments, and a... Read More →
avatar for Patrizia Schettino

Patrizia Schettino

Università della Svizzera italiana
I am researcher on immersive technologies for cultural heritage, a digital storyteller and a digital media designer.
avatar for Colleen Strawhacker

Colleen Strawhacker

National Snow and Ice Data Center, University of Colorado
avatar for Daniel Wickeroth

Daniel Wickeroth

Research Assistant, University of Cologne
I'm interested in VR, 3D Interaction and scientific Visualization
avatar for Jun Yi

Jun Yi

Ph.D., Associate Professor, School of design, Hunan University

Thursday October 1, 2015 17:00 - 19:00 CEST
Parque de las Ciencias - Salón de Actos Avenida de la Ciencia, s/n, 18006 Granada
Friday, October 2

10:00 CEST

T4 SP8 - Ontologies, Metadata and Archival Technologies (II)
366 - Paul Thompson, Jacob Carter, John McNaught and Sophia Ananiadou
Semantically Enhanced Search System for Historical Medical Archives

235 - Walker Sampson
Aggregating Temporal Forensic Data Across Archival Digital Media

159 - Corinne Rogers
Authenticity of Digital Records in Practice

414 - Joseph Tennis
Archival Metadata for Digital Cultural Heritage Conceptual Provenance, Contextual Forensics, and the Authority of the Found Digital Object

avatar for Luciana Duranti

Luciana Duranti

President, Assoc. of Canadian Archivists & Prof. Archival Studies, University of British Columbia
Digital records authenticity and long term preservation

avatar for Sophia Ananiadou

Sophia Ananiadou

Director, National Centre for Text Mining, University of Manchester
I am a Professor of Computer Science in the School of Computer Science, University of Manchester and have led the National Centre for Text Mining (www.nactem.ac.uk) since 2007. My main areas of research are semantic text mining and semantic search techniques for applications in domains... Read More →
avatar for Corinne Rogers

Corinne Rogers

Project Coordinator, InterPARES Trust, The University of British Columbia
Corinne Rogers is an adjunct professor (diplomatics, digital records forensics) at the University of British Columbia. She is Project Coordinator of InterPARES Trust – international multidisciplinary research into issues of trust in digital objects in online environments, and a... Read More →
avatar for Joseph T. Tennis

Joseph T. Tennis

Associate Professor & Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, University of Washington
Joseph T. Tennis is an Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs at the University of Washington Information School, Adjunct Associate Professor in Linguistics, and a member of the Textual Studies and Museology faculty advisory groups at the University of Washington... Read More →
avatar for Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson

Research Associate, University of Manchester
My main research interests lie in Natural Language Processing, in particular information extraction and corpus annotation. Most recently, I have been involved in the Mining the History of Medicine project, which aimed to demonstrate the potential of text mining technology to assist... Read More →

Friday October 2, 2015 10:00 - 11:00 CEST
Parque de las Ciencias - Auditorio Avenida de la Ciencia, s/n, 18006 Granada

11:30 CEST

T4 FP13 - Digital Archives and Information Systems
154 - Neil Smith, Matthew Howland and Thomas Levy
Digital Archaeology Field Recording in the 4th Dimension: ArchField C++ a 4D GIS for Digital Field Work

12 - Cristiana Bartolomei and Alfonso Ippolito
Managing Cultural Heritage: Theories and Tools for Digital Documentation and Archiving

5 - Sander Münster and Marinos Ioannides
A Scientific Community of Digital Heritage in Time and Space

104 - Sunhyuck Kim, Jaeyeon Ahn, Juhee Suh, Hayun Kim and Jungwha Kim
Towards a Semantic Data Infrastructure for Heterogeneous Cultural Heritage Database - Challenges of Korea Cultural Heritage Data Model (KCHDM)


Cristiana Bartolomei

Assistant Professor, Università di Bologna
avatar for Alfonso Ippolito

Alfonso Ippolito

Associate Professor, Sapienza University of Rome
avatar for Sander Münster

Sander Münster

TU Dresden

Friday October 2, 2015 11:30 - 13:30 CEST
Parque de las Ciencias - Auditorio Avenida de la Ciencia, s/n, 18006 Granada

14:30 CEST

T4 FP15 - Metadata and Ontologies
30 - Eunseok Kim, Jungwha Kim and Woontack Woo
Metadata Schema for Context-Aware Augmented Reality Application in Cultural Heritage Domain

36 - Diego Calvanese, Alessandro Mosca, José Remesal, Martin Rezk and Guillem Rull
A 'Historical Case' of Ontology-based Data Access

150 - Myriam Bahia Lopes, Marcos Andre Goncalves and Thiago Cunha Moura Salles
A Genealogy of the Work of Collector: The Document and its Image

125 - Riccardo Cacciotti and Jaroslav Valach
The MONDIS Project: Semantic Web and the Protection of Historic Buildings

avatar for Juan Carlos Torres

Juan Carlos Torres

DigitalHERITAGE 2015 Chair and Prof. of Computer Science & Director Virtual Reality Lab, University of Granada

avatar for Riccardo Cacciotti

Riccardo Cacciotti

Researcher, Institute Theoretical Applied Mechanics AV ČR
Researcher of the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Organizer and facilitator of workshops concentrating on built heritage conservation and traditional building techniques at CTU Prague for the Advanced Masters in Structural Analysis... Read More →
avatar for Alessandro Mosca

Alessandro Mosca

Researcher, SIRIS LAB Research Division of SIRIS Acdemic SL
Alessandro Mosca has recently joined the Lab Division of SIRIS Academic SL, in Bercelona. His main research interests include disciplinary, as well as, transdisciplinary studies, such as: knowledge representation and reasoning (KR&R), non-classical modal and hybrid modal logics, formal... Read More →

Friday October 2, 2015 14:30 - 16:30 CEST
Parque de las Ciencias - Auditorio Avenida de la Ciencia, s/n, 18006 Granada