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Marta Maria Peinador

Social Media assistant for AVICOM ICOM committee
Premia de Mar, Spain, Spain
I’m a Spanish museum professional. I have always worked in museums and the art world. It’s my profession and my passion. After studying History of Art and a Master about Exhibition Organisation, I organised exhibitions in museums such as IVAM, Reina Sofia and MACBA Barcelona, I wrote content for museums and exhibitions, I worked as a museum guide or I trained young people to work in visitor services.
In 2013, I decided to focus on digital engagement initiatives for museums. Throughout my professional activities, I have been learning about digital strategy, content, social media, audience engagement, arts marketing or digital tools and building a professional network of collaborators, increased by my participation in conferences such us Museums and the Web 2019 (as scholar), Be Museum. Museum Connections, Sitem, Musetech 18, Museums and Heritage Show, CultureGeek and We are Museums.
I started to gain experience on digital in museums, creating or curating content for my social media profiles. Later, I have helped to spread museum conferences on social media as a volunteer (Museum Computer Network, Musetech 17, Best in Heritage, ICOM Milano 2016, Digital Heritage 2015 and Talking Galleries). After finishing my postgraduate course about Digital Strategy in Cultural Organisations, in February 2017, I was selected to be the social media intern for ICOM ICEE committee, working as a volunteer from May, 2017 to June 2020. I wrote content mainly in English, but I also have writing and oral communication skills in Spanish and French.
After I have been collaborating with the MuseumWeek as community manager for Spain and nowadays with the AVICOM ICOM and REMED, the Spanish network of museums and digital strategies.
I’m a hardworking person, always trying to do my best, full of curiosity and passionated about digital in museums. I’m currently looking for potential employment opportunities, so I’m confident that my participation in Museums and the Web conference will bring me the opportunity to learn from the best professionals & the most innovative projects, and have a great networking.