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Germán Arroyo

Universidad de Granada
Assistant professor
Germán Arroyo
Germán Arroyo is a computer scientist and assistant professor at the University of Granda. His research area is recently focused on Non-Photorealistic Rendering for Cultural Heritage.

Non-Photorealistic Rendering is an area of computer graphics that moves away from photorealism to find how computer graphics can get closer to the human perceptual system. Its applications range from the design of tools to help artists to create art works, to the creation of new display systems which help us to distinguish difficult elements that are hardly visible in real world (for instance: air flow when simulating turbine flows of an airplane or the visualization of the inside of a human body).

The area of ​​ cultural heritage is focused on preserving archaeological elements in order to preserve our past for future generations. The combination of computer graphics and cultural heritage help us to record pieces of art in a digital way and all their properties. It also helps us to recreate pieces and artifacts both physically or virtually. And ultimately it allows us to recreate lost elements from the wear of the ages.

About his teaching, He is interested in areas as varied as computer operating systems, computer graphics, computer design, and developing and programming applications for different computer languages​​.

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