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Alison Reppert Gerber

Smithsonian Institution Archives
Preservation Coordinator
Damascus, MD
2020 Alan Stark Award recipient Alison Reppert Gerber oversaw the Smithsonian’s 2016 Pan-Institutional Survey of Audiovisual Collections and the 2019 Audiovisual Preservation Readiness Assessment (AVPRA) that included updating and expanding the survey; an evaluation of current AV preservation practices in the various units; risk for permanent AV collection loss and a prioritization system for preservation. The resulting comprehensive data was instrumental in providing unquestionable evidence for the Institution to support audiovisual preservation needs.

As the Preservation Coordinator for the Smithsonian Institution Archives (SIA), Alison oversees all preservation-related activities, which include collection need and risk assessment, preventive conservation tasks, budgeting and procurement, and long-term preservation strategies and initiatives. Since coming to the Archives in 2015, Alison has led a pan-institutional audiovisual survey and preservation readiness assessment that was completed in 2019, and is now developing the Audiovisual Media Preservation Initiative (AVMPI) to support audiovisual preservation across the Smithsonian. Prior to coming to SIA, Alison was a conservation technician for the Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA) and then the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC). Alison received her bachelor’s degree in Art History, with minors in Chemistry and Religious Studies, from Seton Hill University in 2009, and went on to receive her master’s degree in Museum Studies from Johns Hopkins University in 2014.