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Tatjana Dzambazova

Sr. Product Manager, Emerging Technologies
San Francisco
Tatjana Dzambazova is a trained architect with 12 years experience in architecture and design in Vienna and London. Perennially fascinated by how technology enables a more creative life, she decided to continue her career in the digital design world and has now been with Autodesk for 14 years. A staunch believer that we are all born with a sense of creativity and innovation and the need to express it, she has been telling stories about technologies that empower while at the same time leading product development teams to transform powerful algorithms into tools accessible by wide range of people. In the past few years, Tanja was focusing on all things digitizing reality and has been leading the development of Autodesk Memento to empower artists, scientists, curators, archeologists, media professionals and others to tell their stories though digitization of captured reality. Tanja was the Autodesk producer of the Smithsonian X3D http://3d.si.edu/ and ongoing technical collaborator for the www.africanfossils.org