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MIMOS has been created from an initiative of a group of Italian operators in the simulation field; during an informal meeting held in February 2000 in Turin, they agreed on the opportunity to increase the knowledge on Modelling and Simulation in Italy by exchanging reciprocal experiences. The idea was to proceed with the creation of a National Association on Modelling and Simulation acting as a reference point for all Companies, Organisations and Users involved, in any way and form, in such a field. 
The term Simulation is considered in a wide sense, including, besides the traditional training systems such as flight, driving and ship manoeuvring simulators, those, in quick development, related to Virtual Reality, Synthetic Environment and Virtual Prototyping, and to software modelling in the broadest applications. 
The Association, born on March, 5th 2002, comprises members from Industry, Research Centres, Universities, and Military Organisations. 
Beside their founders (Alenia Aeronautica SpA, Centro Ricerche FIAT, Cetena-Fincantieri, Datamat SpA, Euclida Logistica Ipercoop, No Real, Politecnico di Torino, S.I.A. Società Italiana Avionica, Università di Genova Dip. di Ingegneria della Produzione), MIMOS numbers many individual members and several Corporate Members (i.e. Organisation supporting the initiatives of the association